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Brentford School for Girls - Quality in Careers Standard                                                                                                             

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Gunnersbury Catholic School is committed to ensuring that all of our students are empowered with the knowledge, attitudes, skills and motivation to make informed decisions to reach their long-term goals. Through our planned programme of Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance we aim to ensure all of our students thrive and develop as suitably qualified citizens within the wider community. 

The Governing Body and staff of the school are committed to achieving the Quality in Careers Standard. The Quality in Careers Standard is the single national quality award for careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) in secondary schools, colleges and work-based learning. Gunnersbury Catholic School has partnered with the Education Development Trust to work towards achieving the standard and  having our CEAIG programme nationally accredited.

The careers-programme is led by Mr C Parker (Assistant Headteacher) and is delivered by all our staff, to all of our students. The careers-team includes our Careers Education Adviser, to support our school’s Gatsby Benchmarks; and our Careers Adviser, to support our students’ personal-development.

Mr Parker can be contacted via the following email address:

The delivery of CEIAG covers interests, skills and Key Stage Options.  Sessions are delivered using a blended-approach. Some are led by the Teacher, using presentation and discussion, in a physical classroom (in form-time, lesson-time, PSHE Living Faith). Others are led by the Learner, using comprehension and reflection in a virtual classroom (in form-groups’ Living Faith Google-Classrooms).

All students are entitled to participate in the careers-programme (Equality); some students with additional-needs are entitled to receive additional-support (Diversity); no student is entitled to be excluded from the careers-programme (Inclusion).

The careers-programme includes a variety of CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice & Guidance) activities:

Careers Education: enables our students to gain awareness of their personal-development - skills, interests, preferences - as an individual, so that they make informed decisions about their progression-pathway, from school out into the world beyond.

Careers Information: enables our students to gain awareness of qualification-options (Academic, Vocational, Apprenticeship), work-options (industry-sectors, job-roles, employers, work-experience, labour-market trends), and subject-options (Sciences, Arts, Humanities, Technologies, etc), so that they make informed choices about their progression-pathway.

Careers Advice: enables our students to gain awareness of Key Stage options (post-14 in Year 9, post-16 in Year 11, post-18 in Year 13), so that they make informed decisions (qualification-options, work-options, subject-options) about their progression-pathway.

Careers Guidance: enables our students to gain awareness of their own personal-development, and to identify - and overcome - any barriers to their progression-pathway, in a 1:2:1 careers-guidance session with our independent and impartial Careers Adviser. 

Students are entitled to high quality, personalised, independent and impartial CEIAG which is integrated into the curriculum and based on a partnership with students and their parents/carers.  The programme delivers explicit learning outcomes, raises aspirations, challenges stereotyping and promotes equality and diversity.

If you would like your son or daughter to have a 1:2:1 careers-guidance appointment, or have any questions regarding our careers-programme, then please contact us.

Telephone: 020 8847 5590. Email:    

At Gunnersbury Catholic School we are always seeking to develop our CEIAG programme and include our parents and employers.  Some ways in which you could get involved with our programme are:

  • Talk to groups of students (may be virtually)
  • Run a workshop about your job/industry/pathway to employment
  • Run a session for  students taking a subject that links to their career
  • Support with mock interviews
  • Offer work placements
  • Offer work shadowing
  • Offer students the chance to engage with your workplace

If you would like to offer to become involved please refer to the Provider Access Policy below.


It is important that students have access to Labour Market Information(LMI).  Students need to be aware of the opportunities that are  available to them and the skills and qualifications they will need. They also need to be aware of how the labour market changes with time and alters the opportunities available.  Below is a link to the website we use in school. This can be used to explore local Labour Market Information. 

Please see below the Inspiring Careers LMI bulletin.



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