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Seema Malhotra Visit

The Sixth Form were delighted to welcome MP Seema Malhotra on 2nd October.

The Sixth Form were delighted to welcome MP Seema Malhotra on 2nd October. The newly appointed Shadow Cabinet Chief Secretary to the Treasury engaged with students and enlightened them on what it’s like to take part in national politics and what being in Parliament means.  The Labour MP arrived with great enthusiasm on the morning of the visit, and enjoyed a small discussion about her new role as part of Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet. Senior Prefect, Sam Magee instigated a heated discussion on one of Britain’s most contentious issues regarding young people- votes at 16. 

Seema spoke of her support for the right to vote at an earlier age, informing the group of students that it would encourage young people to start thinking about current affairs sooner.   When asked about what she thought of her meeting with Seema Malhotra, Theya Snowdon (Head Girl) said, “sitting down and talking with Seema was very insightful. I got a lowdown on how politics works and it allowed me to see what politicians think of young people. Overall, it was very helpful to meet someone who actually works in Parliament and see how things are run.” The “most interesting part of the day”, according to Year 12 student , Enzo Bertoli, was Seema’s assembly addressed to the Gunnersbury Sixth Form. The politician spoke of her personal journey into British politics. In particular, she spoke of her humble beginnings to her triumph in being elected into Parliament this year. Current Year 13 student Zara Qureshi who is also a Member of Youth Parliament commented, “I was glad to see more discussion about current affairs after her visit. A lot more students enquired about how they could get involved with local politics to make a change.”

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