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UK Maths Challenge

Year 8 and 9 boys success

Congratulations to Konrad Bylina 8Dunstan,  Jamie Ball 8Dunstan,  Nile Kirke  9Pole and Leslie Osei-Barning  9Warren, all of whom represented Gunnersbury at the Regional Final of this year’s UK Maths Trust Team Maths Challenge on 14 March. The competition combines mathematical, communication and teamwork skills and offers pupils another way to express and develop their enjoyment of maths. There were 4 rounds : group, cross-number, shuttle and the relay. Gunnersbury can always be relied upon to enter a strong team who do well. Leslie Osei-Barning notes :

“The relay was the best as it was fun and challenging at the same time. It was a race against the clock with lots of running to get the questions to the other pair as fast as possible. We not only did well in the competition, but we had such fun taking part. Maths is one of the many strengths of our school and we are proud to have reached the final. Thank you to Mrs McEvoy, our maths teacher, who ensures we are ready for the challenge!”

Gunnersbury Catholic School