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Quizzing Tristram Hunt, MP

Labour's shadow education spokesperson fields questions from our Sixth Formers

Tristram Hunt MP, Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary, visited Hounslow last week to hold a Q & A session with Sixth Formers.  Mr Hunt joined Councillor Ruth Cadbury, Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for the Brentford and Isleworth constituency, and met with students from schools across the area, including Gunnersbury.  It was a great opportunity for our senior students, all of whom would be voting for the first time in the forthcoming general election, to put questions to the person that is the lead in crafting labour policies on education. There were some very challenging questions put to Mr Hunt, covering a range of subjects of particular interest to Gunnersbury’s first time voters.  These included tuition fees, apprenticeships, careers advice, jobs for school leavers, the North-South divide as well as some pertinent questions to Mr Hunt and Councillor Cadbury on the potential of a Labour led coalition government, following May’s election.  Mr Hunt found the Q & A session inspiring and congratulated our Sixth Formers on how knowledgeable and engaged they were and how passionate they were about issues that will affect their futures.

Gunnersbury Catholic School