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Gunnersbury's Mock Trial- The Queen v Ari Roberts

Over the last few months our Key Stage Three students have been busy preparing for the mock trial court case regarding  Ari Roberts who was said to  intentionally damage the office building of Y Energy, by spraying the wall with graffiti, contrary to Section 1 (1) of the Criminal Damage Act 1971.  Each student took a different role: Magistrates,  Prosecution Lawyers, Defence Lawyers, Witnesses, a Legal Advisor and an Usher.  After an early Saturday morning start the boys were excited to act out their trial that they had prepared for.  In the court they were marked by professional lawyers and were able to see first-hand how a trial was conducted.  After a long wait, while other schools took part,  the results were finally delivered...Gunnersbury came 3rd place which was a fantastic achievement considering the large number of schools who competed!  Well done to all our boys for their hard work, convincing performance and engagement in the day.

Gunnersbury Catholic School