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Gunnersbury Medics

.Class of 2017 – Medical Applicants with Dr Susana Viega

Over the course of the year Gunnersbury’s aspiring medics and dentists have been engaged in a plethora of exciting and challenging activities in readiness for their applications this Autumn.  As our students well know the healthcare professions are not applications or careers to be taken lightly and they have worked hard to ensure they are entering into their career paths with their eyes open and are fully aware of true nature of what lies ahead.  Our medics have been faultless in their enthusiasm, drive and academic curiosity.  Aside from the varied work experience in an array of London hospitals and surgeries, our students have been privileged to have hosted guest lectures from admissions tutors at St George’s and King’s College London, former Gunnersbury students who are already on their journey to become a doctor and Dr Susana Viega who recently qualified at St George’s Hospital. The insights they have gained have been incredibly valuable. In addition to this, our students attended the Duke’s Medical conference where they participated in lecture and practical activities in preparation for the MMI interviews next year.  All in all it has been a fulfilling and enlightening year for our prospective medics and dentists and with a record 12 students hoping to apply to medicine and dentistry next term it looks as if next year will be a busy and hopefully successful year as well.

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