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Incredible GCSE Results 2022!

We were thrilled to welcome back our Year 11 students today to receive their GCSE results.  The nerves, tension and apprehension could be clearly seen on their faces as they tentatively opened the envelopes to see the grades they had been awarded. 

Very quickly the sounds of laughter, cheers and excitement were filling the school as our Year 11 celebrated the fantastic results they truly deserved! We were ecstatic for all our students who have achieved yet again a set of amazing results.  

Our 2022 headlines are:

30% 8-9 grades

50% 7-9 grades

87% 5-9 grades

95% 4-9 grades

The Year 11s of 2022 have worked hard throughout the last two years to ensure they were successful today and the consistent work in lessons, at home and through the exam period; supported by teachers and parents was worthwhile.  Our Year 11s now have doors wide open on their very exciting futures. 







Gunnersbury Catholic School