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Gunnersbury Catholic School

Latin and Classics Society

"Gunnersbury Catholic School is a thriving, vibrant and caring learning community within which pupils are stretched intellectually and foster a love of learning, whilst feeling valued, happy and safe" (OFSTED)

For historians and linguists alike, the study of Latin (language and literature) and classics is both fascinating and rewarding. The Latin-speaking world of Classical and Mediaeval times is the foundation of our modern Western world and Latin is the ancestor of all Romance languages, including French and Spanish.  Much of our knowledge of European history, society, politics and religions depend upon documents written in Latin. 

In our after-school club, pupils read about the merchant Caecilius and his family and friends, a real family whose story has been pieced together from artefacts found in Pompeii, and finding out about life in the city shortly before the eruption of Vesuvius. 

Unraveling the confusing word order in Latin sentences sharpens the mind and imparts a keen attention to detail.  Feedback from society members tells us that  Latin has proved to be of wonderful benefit to pupils’ literacy and appreciation of English, in addition to boys having learned about the lives of Roman citizens and the contribution the Romans made to our own language and civilisation.

The Society is open to all who have an interest in language, history - both modern and classical - and ancient civilisations and meets after school once a week with Ms Anstee, the school's Head of Modern Foreign Languages.