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Gunnersbury Catholic School

Year 10 retreat

"Gunnersbury Catholic School is a thriving, vibrant and caring learning community within which pupils are stretched intellectually and foster a love of learning, whilst feeling valued, happy and safe" (OFSTED)

The Year 10 retreat kicked off with an inspiring speaker.  The year group then presented a cheque to the charity Misso for £309. This was just one of the charities that the school supported this year and it was fantastic to hear about how the money will be used to help others.  The year 10s then began building “ The Kingdom of God”. They had to work as a team in complete silence to build the tallest, most stable structure in just 15 minutes!  The challenge was one that the boys quickly rose to and they produced some impressive structures!  The day ended with the year group coming together for Mass to celebrate their talents and pray for those both in our school community and beyond.