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Gunnersbury Catholic School


"Gunnersbury Catholic School is a thriving, vibrant and caring learning community within which pupils are stretched intellectually and foster a love of learning, whilst feeling valued, happy and safe" (OFSTED)

What to do if you are worried about a child

Gunnersbury Catholic School has a statutory duty to “safeguard and promote the welfare of children”.

If you have any concerns about the health and safety of a student at this school or feel that something may be troubling them, you should share this information with an appropriate member of staff straight away.

Some issues such as a student’s appearance, hygiene, or general behaviour can be shared with any teacher or member of support staff in the School. Please do not worry that you may be reporting a small matter – we would rather you tell us things which turn out to be small than miss a worrying situation.

However, if you think the matter is very serious and may be related to a child protection concern, where the student has been harmed or is at risk of harm e.g. physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect, you must talk to one of the people below immediately. Do not delay. If you are unable to contact them you can ask the school office staff to find them and ask them to speak to you straight away about a confidential and urgent matter. If the Designated Safeguarding Leads cannot be reached you may report your concern to the Headteacher or any other member of the Senior Leadership Team.


The people you should talk to at this school are:









The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Name:  Conor Mahon

His office is located on the first floor in the main block.

Tel:  020 8568 7281  extension:  178



The Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads


Name: Brian Finnegan

His office is located in the Business block opposite welfare.

Tel: 020 8568 7281   extension: 174



Name: Christian Parker

His office is on the second floor in the main block.

Tel:    020 8568 7281  extension: 126



Name: Ms Carolyn Cullen

Her office is located in the Music block.

Tel: 020 8568 7281   extension:  137



Name: Ms Tracy Kennerson

Tracy is located in the Main Reception

Tel:  020 8568 7281  extension:  204




Person in Charge of Looked After Children

Name:  Julian Baker

Julian is located in the SEN Office

Tel:  020 8568 7281  extension:  125



Any allegation or disclosure involving someone who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity must be reported directly to the Head Teacher, unless it involves them and then it should be reported directly to the Chair of the Governing Body (contact details can be obtained from the headteacher’s PA).


If you have a concern that a child is in immediate danger and you are unable to contact any of the staff detailed above, you must make a referral to social services yourself.

Hounslow Social Services can be reached at: 020 8583 6600.