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Gunnersbury Catholic School

Pastoral Teams 2020 – 2021

"Gunnersbury Catholic School is a thriving, vibrant and caring learning community within which pupils are stretched intellectually and foster a love of learning, whilst feeling valued, happy and safe" (OFSTED)

TUTORS AND REGISTRATION BASES                          2020/2021


Director of Sixth Form:  B Finnegan


Year 13   HOY:  K McGregor-Ritchie                                     Year 12            HOY:  K Kotian 


Pembroke        A Smith                                                  S3                  Girton               F Sylla/J Morgan       S9a

Homerton        A Tabassum                                         BS1               Keble                R Hemraj/R Nutt        S9b

Magdalen        C Smith/A Obi                                      S4                  Trinity               C Glavin                       S7

Somerville       L Nana-Owusu                                    BS2               Emmanuel      J Morrison                   S5

Brasenose       A Cummings/A Gomez-Adams      S1                  Oriel                  A Chowdhury             S6

St Annes          N Hanna/C Onono                              S2                  Peterhouse    S Moosa                       Lab3


Director of KS4:  C Mahon  


Year 11            HOY:  S Jenkins                                               Year 10            HOY:  K Geoghegan 


W         E Hui                              RE2                                         W         E Elliott                    JH1

P          N McIlduff/F Hellel   RE1                                          P          J Shaikh                   H1

D          D Phelan                      E2                                            D          J Gibbons                H2

B          N Guilder                     RE3                                          B          S Doherty                  H3

R          J Baker                         E3                                            R          P Muncer                   E6

N          T Hayes                        RE4                                         N         O Burke                      E7



Director of KS3:  N Quinn  


Year 9              HOY:  K Posavac                                             Year 8     HOY:  J Chasney 


W         R Anderson                G1                                            W         S Kouznetsova          DT5

P          C Popovic                   G2                                            P          J Winstanley              MIT

D          S Chapman                ML4                                        D          A Chignall                  DT1

B          S Hickey                      ML3                                         B          R Onipede                  IT2

R          A Chau                         ML2                                         R          D Kopec                      IT1

N          E Phelan                     ML1                                         N          P Conneally              DT4



Year 7              HOY:  C Hughes  


W               J Damon                     Lab1

P                C Angus                       M1

D               O Roche                      M2                                          

B               D Jukic                         M3

R               R O’Connor                 M4

N               R Chhay                       M5